Late night thoughts..

09.06.17 // 1:18am

I never understood when others caused harm to another. It wasn’t until I was hurt that I realized the smallest of things like my attitude that affected another. Because of my own pain at some points in life, I became ugly inside and my ugliness reflected off people who actually mattered to me. In the midst of realizing this, I too became a reflection of another humans hurt. But their reflection of pain was more so drowning, a feeling of death. And that is something I don’t wish upon any soul, not even my worst enemy. 
The crazy thing about life is that most of us aren’t present with ourselves and the way we act towards others is a complete mirror of how we feel about ourselves. The saddest part of all of this is, 9 people out of 10 cannot be present. 

It’s a sad world, but I’m not about to be part of the ones who instill pain in others because of something I may have gone through. Instead, I’ll continue to shed my light and my love on those who appreciate it and most importantly, take it all in. 
For those in pain, whatever reason it may be, know that there will be no way of your dark tunnel until YOU yourself decide it’s time to make a change. No not a change for others, but a change for the better of yourself. Once you start to shed light and a little less hate, you’ll start to see all the greatness this life has to offer. 

Never lose sight of the person you truly are, and don’t for one second let others opinions get so far into your head that your own voice becomes silent. 

• Empower yourself, be one with the universe. ✨



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