april 19, 2017


what I thought I understood behind this saying is not nearly how deeply I feel it today. I always preached this on those who hurt me but it wasn’t until I finally started to wake from the nightmare that I truly understood and felt every meaning behind this. hurt people, hurt people. they don’t do it with any intentions to do so, they do it out of suffering. those who hurt others are usually those suffering with their own pain. the amount of love you have around you should not in any way be measured by the amount of people you surround yourself with but instead with amount of love, loyalty and affection someone has to bring to your life—I will say first hand this year has been one of the most painful to date. that doesn’t mean I’m letting it kill me, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t suffered either. I’m starting to awaken from what has been the biggest nightmare of my life, and I’m beginning to grow through it with a little more strength as time passes. I’ve stopped making excuses for actions that were made. I’ve started to do what I can with all that I have control over, and most importantly, I have made a promise to myself to never lose sight of the girl I once was. some days will be good, some days will be bad. sometimes I’ll be normal, sometimes I’ll be broken. all I know is, this too shall pass. my happiness is important. I’m not sure I’m ready to forgive those who’ve hurt me, ever so deeply, but I do ask for forgiveness for those I hurt through my suffering.



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