april 12, 2017

They say time heals all, but what I feel is ups and downs. All these emotions come in waves. Some days feel light and I see the end of the dark road. Other days I feel like I have a hundred tons of weight on my shoulders. Today I feel my heart so heavy, like I can’t seem to find which direction to go. Reality is settling so harshly. I can feel the tears coming down my face and the tightness in my chest – fear of facing the demons, fear of facing what’s real. Fear has got to be the hardest thing to fight through – I try to repeat to myself to wake up, this is reality. Time will heal and things will begin to feel good again, as long I stop running. I will get through this, I will find my strength. I will be happy again, for happiness is found in the depths of your soul. Everything will fall into place, and what is meant to be will always be ❤️


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